Hi all IMAFD members,


I knew the news in controversy or incomprehensible new fresh member, it never had her experience in our organization for 40 years during the Imafd congress.


IMAFD wanted to help all small disciplines as she's only person from Aikido is not ready to open yet.


Any must be calm to gradually understand us.


It is not important to discuss the election of new selectors for the executive committee.


Remind everyone of you for two separate elections: president and vice president under the respectfull statute which must be at least black belt 3 Dan onwards as a mature masters.


Another group for executive committee are formed secretariat, treasurer, executives and media, etc...


Another selection for the charge each current director manager each regional continental: Asia Pacific, South America, Arab Middle East, Europe.


So far, no representatives have been found for North America and Africa.


As for us it happened to discuss incomprehensible in Japan during the congress cause the person did not immediately intervene the explanation with the respect of the statute over the honorary founding members.


We do not want to be strict but we try to help to better understand why any are a new member has never had the experience of previous years in the long history of IMAFD with so much effort and propaganda was not very easy for others.


Hoping to solve your personal problem but you are always welcome with us as a union is strength.


You don't need to talk about personal interest, Ok?


You will see some time working with us so many things for the best project of the development, etc...


Now we close to peck the controversy and I wish my best wishes for the Christmas holidays and Happy New Year with the great spirit of Martial Arts from all over the world.




Honoray President

Francesco Faraone