Hello dear fellows and members of IMAFD!

I hope that you are all in great health,

both in body and mind and that you have enjoyed your life up to now.

I am in a constant research for a suitable place to host our

June 2020 event in Greece.

I have seen a lot of camps and when we will have the final deal,

I will inform you about the place and the dates that the event will take place,

so that you can proceed to book early enough your flying tickets.

In order for me to have a clear view about your participations,

please send me an E-mail up to clarify your interest in participating

to the event.

Also I would like to ask from each an everyone of you,

to inform and spread this message to anyone who you think

that would like to join the event from all over the world.

So please send me Name, Country, Style, Birth, Gender,

and final number of participants. Members of your family, relationships,

friends are also welcome, as long as you add them on your participants list.

Please, write me to E-mail:

Thank you all for your attention!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Looking forward to meet you all in Greece!!!

Dimitra Paschali

IMAFD President