International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf


Please note, all new membership applications can be sponsored and signed by IMAFD Official Representative IMAF has a long history deeply rooted in the Foundations of Martial Arts and Sports Fighting for the Hearing Impaired / Deaf.

Its founders were among some of selection who studied every day with creative arts such as Fitness, Judo, Karatedo, Iaido, Nihon Jujutsu, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Chinese Martial Arts and others.

The strength and credibility of the organization comes from its rich, unique heritage and dynamic international organization.

With all members throughout the world, the International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf (I.M.A.F.D.) is one of the main institutions of martial arts around the world.

As home international certification, IMAFD seeks to promote knowledge and understanding of Martial Arts and Sports Fighting.

Membership is divided into three new categories:

(1) Regular   (2) Associate   (3) Affiliation

1) Regular Membership: this membership is open to anyone in possession of 1st dan or higher degrees as recognized by IMAFD.

2) Associate Membership: this membership is open to anyone in possession of 3rd dan or lower degrees as recognized by IMAFD.

3) The affiliate membership: this membership is open to all who have an interest in Martial Arts and wish to join IMAFD.


Registration of grades and tests, previous experience or demonstrated ability in Martial Arts or Combat Sports is not required.

As a non-profit organization, formally it recognized as a widespread IMAFD premier Martial Arts.

As a member of IMAFD, it becomes part of its rich tradition and heritage.

Also, your certifications of accomplishment will be recorded and recognized around the world.

For new members, please refer to the FAQ section carefully in addition to speaking with your instructor about the benefits of joining IMAFD.

If the Dojo / Gym or current instructor is not affiliated with IMAFD and want to learn more about the organization, please contact the IMAFD Affiliate office near you.

The application process is very simple and easy to complete. The application can be submitted by Email or Post. Please carefully read the instructions for each. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or processed.

I.M.A.F.D. Organisation

International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf is looking for someone Hearing Impaired Martial Arts and Sport Fighting experts should become the official members for the our organization to open the technical exchange for the International Martial Arts Camp around the all world. I.M.A.F.D. strives to work for the unified development for all styles and martial arts will welcome to our group deaf and hard of hearing leaders and teachers in best future stronge organization.

All everyone, you can send your picture and curriculum vitae to

International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf and Email address:

Not forget to be paid for the I.M.A.F.D. membership in 2 or 4 years and must contact directly

to General Secretary Mrs Marie Lindbäck, thank your attention and collaboration!

I.M.A.F.D. Membership costs 30 euro for 2 years or 60 euro for 4 years.

International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf




This Federation shall be known as the ” International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf ” (I.M.A.F.D.). It shall be established by those International people who are involved in all fighting styles or martial arts and shall be applied from Toyohashi city, Japan (1978). It was named the ” International Silent Martial Arts Federation ” (I.S.M.A.F).

Its law was changed for new name organization of the I.M.A.F.D. since 1995 from Miami, Florida - USA:

A)  Our independent autonomous no government organization.

B)  It is non-political and does not recognises difference of race or religion.

C)  Equality behind the men and the women. If not following regulate first talking and he/she more understand.

D)  It will be collaborated and developed with the sport, amateur & social organization.

E)  Self-Defense training courses designed and developed for men & women civilians for deaf people.

F)  With collaboration and technical development for ICSD / Deaflympics.

G)  IMAFD is preparing to make the agreement agreement (Memorandum of understanding) for all hearing federations interested in collaborating with all deaf experts for the future.

Hearing Sports Organizations (H.S.O.)

I.J.F.       (International Judo Federation)

W.K.F.    (World Karate Federation)

W.T.F.     (World Taekwondo Federation) 

I.W.U.F.  (International Wushu Federation)

For all divers martial arts, Self-Defense and sport fighting organization in following are:

Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chinese Martial Arts, Hapkido, Karate Kenpo, Krav Maga, Kendo, Kick Boxing, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Nippon Kempo, Sambo, Self-Defense, Sumo, Taekwondo (ITF), etc… which their will take to insert be IMAFD members.

Sports Organizations for the Deaf (S.O.D.)

I.C.S.D.  (International Committee of Sports Deaf)

C.O.D.    (Culture Organizations for the Deaf)

W.F.D.    (World Federation of the Deaf)

D.S.O.    (Disabled Sports organizations)

I.C.P.      (International Committee Paralympics)

I.S.F.D.   (International Sports Federation for Disabled)

N.S.O.    (No Official Sports organizations)

All opening non-agonist or amateur organizations for Self-Defense or Martial Arts attend all divers technical seminars.

Art. 2 - AIMS

A)    The I.M.A.F.D. wants to spread the practice of martial arts among the deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world, to contribute, through this practice, to the harmonious physical, cultural and spiritual development in training or sporting competitions of the deaf and hard of hearing.

B)    Then the federation wants to organize the practice of martial arts by opening all the different style techniques to deaf people, in every nation where the sport is practiced.

C) To promote increase Judo, Karate, Taekwondo for supporting to Deaflympics (S.O.D.).

D) To organize other martial arts among deaf and hard of hearing using sign languages people to develop the professional teaching committee.

E) To preserve and protect their rights to practise those various martial arts in around the world.

F) To perpetuate fellowship and promote social relations with the mother associations.

G) To promote and develop this discipline by adding it to the Olympic sport games or International Championships for the deaf in concert with Deaflympics (S.O.D.) / Paralympics (D.S.O.).

H) To promote and develop the no official sports independent organization (N.S.O.) for the international deaf all style martial arts championships under the collaboration with all divers martial arts or sports fighting federation by hearing peoples.


A)   The Provisory Headquarters of the I.M.A.F.D. shall be located at Stockholm, Sweden. It may be changed by a majority vote of a decision by the Board of Directors: final approval shall be done by the General Assembly.

B) The Official written language is English.

C) Also any question concerning the sport or technical matters will be referred to original language text.

D) The International Sign Language is the official sign language.

E)   I.M.A.F.D. Office, talking with call members board under constituted video meeting, agenda year and note on the protocol. Talking infos for all computer by Website, Facebook, Twitter and Email with more official.


The duration of this Federation's existence depends on Article's objectives as described.


Art. 5 - FUNDS

The funds of the I.M.A.F.D. shall be as follows:


A)  The affiliation share of the National Association.

B)  The application forms for instructors & athletes, etc...

C)  The various International Federation contributions.

D)  Any private contributions, for the deaf sport activities.

E)  Every country will pay to the treasurer a percentage of every international match organized by I.M.A.F.D.



A) REGULAR MEMBER: costs €30 for 2 years or 60 euro for 4 years.

B) ASSOCIATE MEMBER: the affiliation cost : €100 for 1 years for Schools, Organizations (for registered Black Belts, Instructors, Examiners), Head Schools, Head Organizations (for registered Founders). We welcome all organizations which wish to be affiliated with the I.M.A.F.D.

C)  This paid, must send by payment direct Bank transfer IBAN: SE4880000832799149012990, Swift Code: SWEDSESS who find the bank in Stockholm, Sweden.

This Federation shall be composed of:


A)  ACTIVE MEMBERS: any physically deaf or hard of hearing person, after being approved, may become an Active Member upon payment of annual dues set by General Assembly. Such persons shall continue practicing or have become accomplished in any martial arts activity (active athletes, students or an each member shall have an nationality and be entitled to right to vote at the General Assembly).


B)  HONORARY MEMBERS: any physically hearing or non-hearing person of any nationality, after being given the right to vote.

C)  SPONSOR MEMBERS: any person or association shall be a Sponsor Member upon receipt of a significant donation to this association.

D)  EX OFFICIAL MEMBERS: they may also become members of some former ex-athletes or amateurs and sympathizers. But they can not become the federal executive committee. They have the right to vote. The minimum of donation shall be set by the General Assembly. Such persons shall not be required to pay dues and shall be entitled to the right to vote during a certain period of time set by the Board of Directors.  Such persons shall be entitled to the right to vote.

E)  MEMBERSHIPS: subject to verification of applications and credentials.

F) OPEN THE MEMBERSHIP: for hearing people are managers, teachers, coaches who known as right to be accustomed to signs communication.


Becoming a member requires having the sponsorship of at least 2 members of this Association and shall be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.


Membership shall be terminated by:

A) Resignation which must be submitted by special delivery letter.

B) Death.

C)  Cancellation of a membership after a warning by the Board of Directors for not paying dues or for certain serious causes. That person shall be called to give an explanation to the General Assembly.

D)  Individual membership may be terminated by the committee for the following reasons:

- Insubordination and disrespect to I.M.A.F.D. officers or other appointed delegates Verbal abuse of fellow members or other Deaf Martial Arts organizations;

- Other infractions;

- Disciplinary termination fro members or application members with falsified applications and/or bogus credentials shall be terminated permanently;

- It’s a lifetime ban from I.M.A.F.D. tournament participation;

- To comply the others duties that are imposed in this Statute, Rulements and the Resolutions of Assemblies and of Executive Committee.


E)  to participate with voice and vote in the Assemblies and be elected.

F)  All request to affiliation must be made for letter signed by the authorities of the petitioner Entity with the following data and documentations:

a)  Statute and Rulements issue.

b)  Quantity of members, differentiated by categories.

c)  List of his Executive Committee.

d)  Description of his Budge and/or distinctive mark if he would have.

e)  Address, Number, Mail Post Code, Country, Telephone, Fax and Email.


G)  The Members will lose the character of such by dissolution, renounce, suspension or expulsion. It will lose also his condition of Member the Entity that would have left to join (with member person of the table and/or contact Email)  the conditions required for the Statute for being.


H)  The following sanctions:


a)  admonition

b)  suspension

c)  expulsion

These will be graduated in order with the gravity of the fault and the circumstances of the case for the following     causes:   


1)   Non-fulfilment of the duties imposed for the Statute Rulement and resolutions of the Assemblies or of the Executive Committee.


2) Misbehavior notorious and repeated.


3) To make, at purpose, damage at the Federation or to show a behavior very perjudicial at the social interest.


- This Federation shall be administered by the Board composed of a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary,    1 Treasurer and 2 Auditors.

- For 6 persons of a Directing Control Committee for: Asia, North & South America, Africa, Europe and Oceana.

- The number shall be defined by the General Assembly.

- All Board members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Active members and then those who are elected shall be elected again by secret ballot for the the exact positions of Board Officers.

- The term of office of the said officers shall be two years.

- The President shall be an unique member of the I.M.A.F.D. Board of Directors, also should obligatory be a Black belt.

- Then he represents almost all of the organizations.

- The Board shall fill the replacement temporarily.

- The definite replacement shall be acted upon at the next General Assembly meeting.

- The Board shall be reelected every 2 years.

- The General Secretary and Treasurers are responsible for the nature of the Federation.

- But before using money, they must have the approval of the Board of Directors.

- When the General Assembly meets, the officers shall render a report on the activities of the Federation.

- In case of dismissals, the Directing Committee shall elect a substitute until the end of the office.

- In case of absence he/she should be ranked by the General Secretary.

- The Directing Committee is elected every 2 years by the General Assembly, and it is constituted by the light member rendered before.

- It has executive power, and it has to render to the General Assembly a report about the Federation activities.

- The General Assembly has the Legislative power (notary).

- It's constituted by the representatives of the affiliated national societies.


-  The Board of Directors shall meet at least once each year and each time shall be called by the President or by a request of 1/4 of the members.

-  The presence of the 1/3 of the members of the Board of Directors shall be required for to validate the discussion.

-  All decisions shall me made by majority vote : in the case of an equal vote, the President shall have power to vote.

-  The reports of the minutes shall be required to be signed by the President and the General Secretary.

-  A Board member, who without an excuse has not attended three consecutive meetings, shall be considered for a meeting termination.

-  No one shall take a part in the Board without being approved by a majority.


-  Any members of this Federation shall not be allowed to receive compensations for their duties as officers.

-  Those who are paid collaborators shall be only entitled to a consultative vote at the sessions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

-  All reimbursement for travel expenses or missions paid by Board members shall be approved by the General Assembly.


The ordinary general Assembly of this Federation shall be composed of:

A)  Associate members.

B)  Active, donator and delegate members with updated duties.

-  The persons regularly constituted are represented by a permanent delegate.

-  The General Assembly meeting shall be held once each year and each time shall be called by the Board of Directors or by the request of 1/4 of the members.

-  At least six months prior to the chosen date of the meeting, the members of this Federation shall be called by the General Secretary. At this time, the agenda shall be indicated.

-  The agenda shall be set up by the Board of Directors.

-  The officer shall be one of the Board of Directors.

-  The President shall preside at all General Assembly meetings and develop the orders of business of this Federation.

-  The General Assembly shall assure, if required, the election of the Board members.

-  A vote by mail or by proxy shall be submitted only for the elections of the Board of Directors.

-  Each year, the annual reports and the accounts shall be sent to all members of this Federation and to all Board members.


-  All expenses shall be reviewed by the President.

-  This Federation shall be represented by the President in justice and in all the acts of civil life.

-  The representative of this Federation shall be required to have a full possession of the civil rights in all tasks.


-  Home regulations shall be able to be established by the Board of Directors who has it approved by the General Assembly.

-  This possible settlement is destined to make points not prescribed in the by-laws.


The resources of the Federation shall be composed of:

A) Memberships dues.

B)  Admission tickets for entry to the Championships under the affiliation for each agonist disciplines.

C)  Admission fees for entrance at Technical seminars.

D)  Registration of payment for the examination board for the color or black belt and grades for each discipline (Future).

E)  Benefit funds of festivals.

F)  Gifts by donation and by charity.

G)  Sales of literature, video and published materials.

H)  Charities and legalized sponsor, departments etc…

I)   Returns from diverse events or organized activities.


-  Every country can be represented in its continental union by only one Federation.

- A National Federation or Association becomes a member of the I.M.A.F.D. when his affiliation is ratified by the Directing Committee.



A national Federation or Association may be expelled from the I.M.A.F.D. for one of the following reasons:

A)  The expulsion from its continental union.

B)  For non-payment of bi-annual fees.

C)  By majority decision of the General Assembly.

D)  The I.M.A.F.D. can't expel a National Federation or Association without the agreement of its continental union.

E)  If the National Federation or Association didn't pay the annual fees, it will be expelled from the international activities until the complete payment of the fees and of a fine, decided by the Directing Committee, are paid.

F)  If the national Federation or Association, or only an athlete (but during an international matches) breaks the Federation's rules, they will be submitted to the Directing Committee, which, with the agreement of theirs continental union, will take the necessary disciplinary action.

G) The National Federation or Association affiliated to the I.M.A.F.D., can’t have sport relations with a federation that has been expelled from the I.M.A.F.D.

H)  On the other hand to contribute to the developing and diffusion of martial arts in the world, the federations affiliated are authorized to have friendly meetings with a federation which isn't affiliated yet.

 Art. 18 GRADES

There is an I.M.A.F.D. card for every category. The categories are:

A)  Athletes.

B)  Aspirant Instructors.

C)  Instructors.

D)  Amateurs.

E)  Official Delegates.

-  Then there is a card for each belt.

-  Every Black belt is a potential and preferable member of the General Assembly.

-  When a person goes from a Federation or Association to an I.M.A.F.D. member, he will be given exams for the new belt rank.

-  This exam is composed by the Directing Committee of I.M.A.F.D.



-  Modification of the by-laws can be initiated by a proposal from the Board of Directors.

-  Propositions for modifying shall be presented one month prior to the Board meeting.

-  The Board of Directors shall call a Special General Assembly meeting and set up an agenda.

-  To enact a proposal, the Special General Assembly meeting shall have at least one more than half of the members present.

-  If not, a new meeting shall be called and the convocation shall be sent out at least two months in advance, but these decisions must be explained to the General Assembly and must be approved or disapproved with a majority vote for every revision to the statutes.



-  The General Assembly must be called to pronounce the dissolution of this Federation, and this vote must be carried by at least one more than half of the members in duties.

-  If the quorum is not met, the General Assembly can call again, at least in an interval of one month, and at this time it shall be valid to deliberate regardless of the number of members present.

-  In all cases, the dissolution may be voted by 2/3 of the members present.

-  One or several liquidators shall be named by the General Assembly.

-  If there is any clear-cut portion of the assets, it shall be devolved according to the article of the law.

-  If there shall be at least three national Federations or Associations established by the Association members in their own countries whose members are of the continental union, this Federation will be replaced by those established national Federations or Associations as the international representative.


The President shall be responsible for all the changes done in the administration or the management of this Federation and shall make them know within three months to the Prefecture of the district where the Federation headquarters is located.


This regulation is intended as an integral part of the Institute Regulations and the Regulations of the International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf (approved by the board of istitute on March 17, 2019). The main objective of this Regulation is to guide our organization in identifying and preventing deviant behavior such as bullying and cyberbullying.

What are the policy requirements for I.M.A.F.D. to prevent and respond to bullying behavior?

I.M.A.F.D. members are required to prescribe and enforce policies and procedures to prohibit members from harassing, intimidating, or bullying other I.M.A.F.D. members.

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. It is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Justifications and rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of class, race, religion, gender, sexuality, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability.

District policies must contain key policy and procedural elements, including, but not limited to:

- Definitions of the terms harassment, intimidation, and bullying;

-  Procedures for reporting and investigation;

-  Procedures for notifying the alleged victim and alleged victim’s parent or guardian when a school official or employee becomes aware of a suspected incident of harassment, intimidation or bullying;

- Requirements to provide written copies of the rights, protections, and support services available to alleged victims and procedures to protect the health and safety of members who are physically harmed as the result of incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

- Statements of disciplinary consequences for violations of the policy.

I.M.A.F.D. is held responsible for the expulsion of members of the organization who break the above rules.

The violation of the aforementioned rules will also be criminally punishable by compensation, to be decided based on the legislation in force on the subject at the time of the act.