1st International Deaf Sambo Tournament


Moscow - Russia, February 03 - 05,  2017

Francesco Faraone thanked everyone foreigners athletes and managers presenting during the extraordinary general meeting in IMAFD Hotel "Record" of Zelenograd city, Moscow-Russia on 4th February 2017 with collaborators group IMAFD Russia did beautiful work on large flag with the logo for every different styles of arts martial for the occasion before the day on February 5 for the first international tournament of Sambo (Russian mixed judo-wrestling) for the deaf.

It made brief report clearly explain: an anthropological study of traditional martial arts and modern, as practiced in modern societies for the deaf, requires first of all the recognition of its complexity, because of the growing interest towards these disciplines around the world, but also because of the magical and mystical meanings with which frequently tend to be associated.

Although the purpose for which practice martial arts in modern society can be very different compared to the past, remain always three main components: the artistic element that is expressed through the performance of codified forms and the ritualistic structure of the lessons; the body techniques that can be used for self-defense, but at the same time improve the health condition; the meanings and the traditional symbols that carry with them, especially in light of globalizing cultural trends.

For this reason, it is possible to study this phenomenon from different perspectives, depending on what you want to emphasize, if it is decided to consider the historical aspect or isolate situations in modern societies.

Since different aspects of the phenomenon can be emphasized, the same definition of martial arts presents some difficulties, with the result to get slightly different views depending on the cultural context of those approaches in this study, and its specific interests even become coaches, instructors and referees etc.

In general, there is a common consensus in considering the traditional martial arts and modern not only as a system of body techniques used in self-defense, but also as ancient disciplines directly related to the deeper dimensions as the sacred, the spiritual and the transcendent for all styles of deaf experts and teachers around the world.

He states that "what elevates the martial techniques to 'fighting art' is the inclusion of the principle of unity"

This organic Regulation is dimensioned on the current legislation needs of IMAFD, it is inspired by the logic and clarity, to be the reference tool for all the forces of our federation in carrying out its activities.

Its nature is to be perfectible, hence the purpose of subsequent enrichment in relation to the achievement of qualitative targets for growth and professionalism which we all hope.

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