I.M.A.F.D. Organisation

International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf is looking for someone Hearing Impaired Martial Arts and Sport Fighting experts should become the official members for the our organization to open the technical exchange for the International Martial Arts Camp around the all world. I.M.A.F.D. strives to work for the unified development for all styles and martial arts will welcome to our group deaf and hard of hearing leaders and teachers in best future stronge organization.

All everyone, you can send your picture and curriculum vitae to

International Martial Arts Federation of the Deaf and Email address:

Not forget to be paid for the I.M.A.F.D. membership in 2 years and must contact directly

to General Secretary Mrs Marie Lindb├Ąck, thank your attention and collaboration!

I.M.A.F.D. MEMBERSHIP costs 30 euro for 2 years